This is a list of the keyboard shortcuts that I use most frequently in my day to day editing that help me edit faster. I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts. Many commands have keyboard shortcut equivalents, so we can complete tasks with minimal use of the mouse.
Of course, these are the default keyboard shortcuts that come standard in Premiere Pro CC. However, if you’re coming to Premiere Pro CC from another Non-linear editing software, you can set shortcuts to match shortcuts in other software you use.

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Results Windows Mac OS
      Project Ctrl+Alt+N Opt+Cmd+N
      Sequence… Ctrl+N Cmd+N
      Bin  Ctrl+B  Cmd+B
      Title… Ctrl+T Cmd+T
      Open Project Ctrl+O Cmd+O
      Browse in Adobe Bridge… Ctrl+Alt+O Opt+Cmd+O
      Close Project Ctrl+Shift+W Shift+Cmd+W
      Close Ctrl+W Cmd+W
      Save Ctrl+S Cmd+S
      Save As… Ctrl+Shift+S Shift+Cmd+S
      Save a Copy… Ctrl+Alt+S Opt+Cmd+S
      Capture… F5 F5
      Batch Capture… F6 F6
      Import from Media Browser Ctrl+Alt+I Opt+Cmd+I
      Import… Ctrl+I Cmd+I
      Export Media…  Ctrl+M  Cmd+M
Get Properties for Selection…  Ctrl+Shift+H Shift+Cmd+H
      Exit Ctrl+Q  Cmd+Q
      Undo Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z
      Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z Shift+Cmd+Z
      Cut Ctrl+X Cmd+X
      Copy Ctrl+C Cmd+C
      Paste Ctrl+V Cmd+V
      Paste Insert Ctrl+Shift+V Shift+Cmd+V
      Paste Attributes Ctrl+Alt+V Opt+Cmd+V
      Clear Delete Forward Delete
      Ripple Delete Shift+Delete Shift+Forward Delete
      Duplicate Ctrl+Shift+/ Shift+Cmd+/
      Select All Ctrl+A Cmd+A
      Deselect All Ctrl+Shift+A Shift+Cmd+A
      Find… Ctrl+F Cmd+F
      Edit Original Ctrl+E Cmd+E
      Keyboard Shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+K Cmd+Opt+K
      Make Subclip… Ctrl+U Cmd+U
      Audio Channels… Shift+G Shift+G
      Speed/Duration… Ctrl+R Cmd+R
      Insert , ,
      Overwrite . .
      Enable Shift+E Shift+Cmd+E
      Link Ctrl+L Cmd+L
      Group Ctrl+G Cmd+G
      Ungroup Ctrl+Shift+G Shift+Cmd+G
      Render Effects in Work
Area/In to Out
Enter Return
      Match Frame F F
      Reverse Match Frame Shift+R Shift+R
      Add Edit Ctrl+K Cmd+K
      Add Edit to All Tracks Ctrl+Shift+K Shift+Cmd+K
      Trim Edit T T
      Extend Selected Edit to
      Apply Video Transition Ctrl+D Cmd+D
      Apply Audio Transition Ctrl+Shift+D Shift+Cmd+D
      Apply Default Transitions
to Selection
Shift+D Shift+D
      Lift ; ;
      Zoom In = =
      Zoom Out
      Go to Gap
         Next in Sequence Shift+; Shift+;
         Previous in Sequence Ctrl+Shift+; Opt+;
      Snap S S
      Mark In I I
      Mark Out O O
      Mark Clip X X
      Mark Selection / /
      Go to In Shift+I Shift+I
      Go to Out Shift+O Shift+O
      Clear In Ctrl+Shift+I Opt+I
      Clear Out Ctrl+Shift+O Opt+O
      Clear In and Out Ctrl+Shift+X Opt+X
      Add Marker M M
      Go to Next Marker Shift+M Shift+M
      Go to Previous Marker Ctrl+Shift+M Shift+Cmd+M
      Clear Current Marker Ctrl+Alt+M Opt+M
      Clear All Markers Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M Opt+Cmd+M
      Type Alignment
         Left Ctrl+Shift+L Shift+Cmd+L
         Center Ctrl+Shift+C Shift+Cmd+C
         Right Ctrl+Shift+R Shift+Cmd+R
      Tab Stops… Ctrl+Shift+T Shift+Cmd+T
      Templates… Ctrl+J Cmd+J
         Next Object Above Ctrl+Alt+] Opt+Cmd+]
         Next Object Below Ctrl+Alt+[ Opt+Cmd+[
         Bring to Front Ctrl+Shift+] Shift+Cmd+]
         Bring Forward Ctrl+] Cmd+]
         Send to Back Ctrl+Shift+[ Shift+Cmd+[
         Send Backward Ctrl+[ Cmd+[
       Reset Current
Alt+Shift +0 Opt+Shift +0
      Audio Clip Mixer Shift+9 Shift+9
      Audio Track Mixer Shift+6 Shift+6
      Effect Controls Shift+5 Shift+5
      Effects Shift+7 Shift+7
      Media Browser Shift+8 Shift+8
      Program Monitor Shift+4 Shift+4
      Project Shift+1 Shift+1
      Source Monitor Shift+2 Shift+2
      Timelines Shift+3 Shift+3
      Show/hide application title Ctrl+\ Cmd+\
      Adobe Premiere Pro
F1 F1
      Add Tracks to Match
   Clear Poster Frame Ctrl+Shift+P Opt+P
   Cut to Camera 1 Ctrl+1 Ctrl+1
   Cut to Camera 2 Ctrl+2 Ctrl+2
   Cut to Camera 3 Ctrl+3 Ctrl+3
   Cut to Camera 4 Ctrl+4 Ctrl+4
   Cut to Camera 5 Ctrl+5 Ctrl+5
   Cut to Camera 6 Ctrl+6 Ctrl+6
   Cut to Camera 7 Ctrl+7 Ctrl+7
   Cut to Camera 8 Ctrl+8 Ctrl+8
   Cut to Camera 9 Ctrl+9
   Decrease Clip Volume [ [
   Decrease Clip Volume Many Shift+[ Shift+[
    Expand All Tracks Shift+= Shift+=
   Export Frame Ctrl+Shift+E Shift+E
   Extend Next Edit To
Shift+W Shift+W
   Extend Previous Edit To
Shift+Q Shift+Q
      Audio Mixer Panel Menu
         Show/Hide Tracks… Ctrl+Alt+T Opt+Cmd+T
         Loop Ctrl+L Cmd+L
         Meter Input(s) Only Ctrl+Shift+I Ctrl+Shift+I
     Capture Panel
         Record Video V V
         Record Audio A A
      Eject E E
      Fast Forward F F
      Go to In point Q Q
      Go to Out point W W
      Record G G
      Rewind R R
      Step Back Left Left
      Step Forward Right Right
      Stop S S
      Effect Controls Panel
      Remove Selected Effect Backspace Delete
      Effects Panel Menu
         New Custom Bin Ctrl+/ Cmd+/
         Delete Custom Item Backspace Delete
      History Panel Menu
         Step Backward Left Left
         Step Forward Right Right
         Delete Backspace Delete
      Open in Source Monitor Shift+O Shift+O
      Parent Directory Ctrl+Up Cmd+Up
      Select Directory List Shift+Left Shift+Left
      Select Media List Shift+Right Shift+Right
      Loop Ctrl+L Cmd+L
      Play Space Space
      Go to Next Edit Point Down Down
      Go to Previous Edit Point Up Up
      Play/Stop Toggle Space Space
      Record On/Off Toggle 0 0
      Step Back Left Left
      Step Forward Right Right
      Loop Ctrl+L Cmd+L
   Selection Tool V V
   Track Select Tool A A
   Ripple Edit Tool B B
   Rolling Edit Tool N N
   Rate Stretch Tool R R
   Razor Tool C C
   Slip Tool Y Y
   Slide Tool U U
   Pen Tool P P
   Hand Tool H H
   Zoom Tool Z Z

Multi Camera

Result Windows Mac OS
 Go to Next Edit Point Down Down
   Go to Next Edit Point on Any Track Shift+Down Shift+Down
   Go to Previous Edit Point Up Up
   Go to Previous Edit Point on Any Track Shift+Up Shift+Up
   Go to Selected Clip End Shift+End Shift+End
   Go to Selected Clip Start Shift+Home Shift+Home
   Go to Sequence-Clip End End End
   Go to Sequence-Clip Start Home Home
   Increase Clip Volume ] ]
   Increase Clip Volume Many Shift+] Shift+]
   Maximize or Restore Active Frame Shift+` Shift+`
   Maximize or Restore Frame Under Cursor ` `
   Minimize All Tracks Shift+- Shift+-
   Play Around Shift+K Shift+K
   Play In to Out Ctrl+Shift+Space Opt+K
   Play In to Out with Preroll/Postroll Shift+Space Shift+Space
   Play from Playhead to Out Point Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space
   Play-Stop Toggle Space SpaceRecord Voiceover
   Reveal Nested Sequence Ctrl+Shift+F Shift+T
   Ripple Trim Next Edit To Playhead W W
   Ripple Trim Previous Edit To Playhead Q Q
   Select Camera 1 1 1
   Select Camera 2 2 2
   Select Camera 3 3 3
   Select Camera 4 4 4
   Select Camera 5 5 5
   Select Camera 6 6 6
   Select Camera 7 7 7
   Select Camera 8 8 8
   Select Camera 9 9 9
   Select Find Box Shift+F Shift+F
   Select Clip at Playhead D D
   Select Next Clip Ctrl+Down Cmd+Down
   Select Next Panel Ctrl+Shift+. Ctrl+Shift+.
   Select Previous Clip Ctrl+Up Cmd+Up
   Select Previous Panel Ctrl+Shift+, Ctrl+Shift+,
   Set Poster Frame Shift+P Cmd+P
   Shuttle Left J J
   Shuttle Right L L
   Shuttle Slow Left Shift+J Shift+J
   Shuttle Slow Right Shift+L Shift+L
   Shuttle Stop K K
   Step Back Left Left
   Step Back Five Frames – Units Shift+Left Shift+Left
   Step Forward Right Right
   Step Forward Five Frames – Units Shift+Right Shift+Right
   Toggle All Audio Targets Ctrl+9 Cmd+9
   Toggle All Source Audio Ctrl+Alt+9 Opt+Cmd+9
Toggle All Source Video Ctrl+Alt+0 Opt+Cmd+0
Toggle All Video Targets Ctrl+0 Cmd+0
Toggle Audio During Scrubbing Shift+S Shift+S
Toggle Control Surface Clip Mixer Mode
   Toggle Full Screen Ctrl+` Ctrl+`
   Toggle Multi-Camera View Shift+0 Shift+0
   Toggle Trim Type Shift+T Ctrl+T
   Trim Backward Ctrl+Left Opt+Left
   Trim Backward Many Ctrl+Shift+Left Opt+Shift+Left
   Trim Forward Ctrl+Right Opt+Right
   Trim Forward Many Ctrl+Shift+Right Opt+Shift+Right
   Trim Next Edit to Playhead Ctrl+Alt+W Opt+W
   Trim Previous Edit to Playhead Ctrl+Alt+Q Opt+Q

Project Panel

Result Windows Mac OS
Workspace 1 Alt+Shift+1 Opt+Shift+1
   Workspace 2 Alt+Shift+2 Opt+Shift+2
   Workspace 3 Alt+Shift+3 Opt+Shift+3
   Workspace 4 Alt+Shift+4 Opt+Shift+4
   Workspace 5 Alt+Shift+5 Opt+Shift+5
   Workspace 6 Alt+Shift+6 Opt+Shift+6
   Workspace 7 Alt+Shift+7 Opt+Shift+7
   Workspace 8 Alt+Shift+8 Opt+Shift+8
   Workspace 9 Alt+Shift+9 Opt+Shift+9
   Zoom to Sequence \ \
      Extend Selection Up Shift+Up Shift+Up
      Move Selection Down Down Down
      Move Selection End End End
      Move Selection Home Home Home
      Move Selection Left Left Left
      Move Selection Page Down Page Down Page Down
      Move Selection Page Up Page Up Page Up
      Move Selection Right Right Right
      Move Selection Up Up Up
      Next Column Field Tab Tab
      Next Row Field Enter Return
      Open in Source Monitor Shift+O Shift+O
      Previous Column Field Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
      Previous Row Field Shift+Enter Shift+Return
      Thumbnail Size Next Shift+] Shift+]
      Thumbnail Size Previous Shift+[ Shift+[
      Toggle View Shift+\ Shift+\

Timeline Panel

Result  Windows Mac OS
Add Clip Marker Ctrl+1
      Clear Selection Backspace Delete
      Decrease Audio Tracks Height Alt+- Opt+-
      Decrease Video Tracks Height Ctrl+- Cmd+-
      Increase Audio Tracks Height Alt+= Opt+=
      Increase Video Tracks Height Ctrl+= Cmd+=
      Nudge Clip Selection Left Five Frames Alt+Shift+Left Shift+Cmd+Left
      Nudge Clip Selection Left One Frame Alt+Left Cmd+Left
      Nudge Clip Selection Right Five Frames Alt+Shift+Right Shift+Cmd+Right
      Nudge Clip Selection Right One Frame Alt+Right Cmd+Right
      Ripple Delete Alt+Backspace Opt+Delete
      Set Work Area Bar In Point Alt+[ Opt+[
      Set Work Area Bar Out Point Alt+] Opt+]
      Show Next Screen Page Down Page Down
      Show Previous Screen Page Up Page Up
      Slide Clip Selection Left Five Frames Alt+Shift+, Opt+Shift+,
      Slide Clip Selection Left One Frame Alt+, Opt+,
      Slide Clip Selection Right Five Frames Alt+Shift+. Opt+Shift+.
      Slide Clip Selection Right One Frame Alt+. Opt+.
      Slip Clip Selection Left Five Frames Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left Opt+Shift+Cmd+Left
      Slip Clip Selection Left One Frame Ctrl+Alt+Left Opt+Cmd+Left
      Slip Clip Selection Right Five Frames Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right Opt+Shift+Cmd+Right
      Slip Clip Selection Right One Frame Ctrl+Alt+Right Opt+Cmd+Right


Result Windows Mac OS
Arc Tool A A
      Bold Ctrl+B Cmd+B
      Decrease Kerning by Five Units Alt+Shift+Left Opt+Shift+Left
      Decrease Kerning by One Unit Alt+Left Opt+Left
      Decrease Leading by Five Units Alt+Shift+Down Opt+Shift+Down
      Decrease Leading by One Unit Alt+Down Opt+Down
      Decrease Text Size by Five Points Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left Opt+Shift+Cmd+Left
      Decrease Text Size by One Point Ctrl+Alt+Left Opt+Cmd+Left
      Ellipse Tool E E
      Increase Kerning by Five Units Alt+Shift+Right Opt+Shift+Right
      Increase Kerning by One Unit Alt+Right Opt+Right
      Increase Leading by Five Units Alt+Shift+Up Opt+Shift+Up
      Increase Leading by One Unit Alt+Up Opt+Up
      Increase Text Size by Five Points Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right Opt+Shift+Cmd+Right
      Increase Text Size by One Point Ctrl+Alt+Right Opt+Cmd+Right
      Insert Copyright Symbol Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C Opt+Shift+Cmd+C
      Insert Registered Symbol Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R Opt+Shift+Cmd+R
      Italic Ctrl+I Cmd+I
      Line Tool L L
      Nudge Selected Object Down by Five Pixels Shift+Down Shift+Down
      Nudge Selected Object Down by One Pixel Down Down
      Nudge Selected Object Left by Five Pixels Shift+Left Shift+Left
      Nudge Selected Object Left by One Pixel Left Left
      Nudge Selected Object Right by Five Pixels Shift+Right Shift+Right
      Nudge Selected Object Right by One Pixel Right Right
      Nudge Selected Object Up by Five Pixels Shift+Up Shift+Up
      Nudge Selected Object Up by One Pixel Up Up
      Path Type Tool
      Pen Tool P P
      Position Object(s) to Bottom Title Safe Margin Ctrl+Shift+D Shift+Cmd+D
      Position Object(s) to Left Title Safe Margin Ctrl+Shift+F Shift+Cmd+F
      Position Object(s) to Top Title Safe Margin Ctrl+Shift+O Shift+Cmd+O
      Rectangle Tool R R
      Rotation Tool O O
      Selection Tool V V
      Type Tool T T
      Underline Ctrl+U Cmd+U
      Vertical Type Tool C C
      Wedge Tool W W

Trim Monitor Panel

Result Windows Mac OS
Focus Both Outgoing and Incoming Alt+1 Opt+1
      Focus on Incoming Side Alt+3 Opt+3
      Focus on Outgoing Side Alt+2 Opt+2
      Loop Ctrl+L Cmd+L
      Trim Backward by Large Trim Offset Alt+Shift+Left Opt+Shift+Left
      Trim Backward by One Frame Alt+Left Opt+Left
      Trim Forward by Large Trim Offset Alt+Shift+Right Opt+Shift+Right
      Trim Forward by One Frame Alt+Right Opt+Right


Commands that are blank in the above table can be customized in the Keyboard Customization (Windows) or Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac OS) dialog box.

(Source – Adobe Help)